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John Majak print: Wolf and Moose John Majak print: Wolf

John Majak Prints

Beautiful wolf and moose drawings by a local trapper. John Majak is a soft-spoken ATA member from the Fairbanks area. Several years ago, our editor discovered John's artistic ability. His work has subsequently appeared in both the ATA magazine and our Trappers Manual. John combines artistic precision with a "feel" for the animals and their habitat. John claims that he is "not really an artist. I just reproduce what I see." John's modesty is sincere, but we beg to differ with his evaluation. Those who have seen his work agree that John is one of the best wildlife artists they have ever seen. Now you can own prints of John's three most well-known works. These reproductions are printed on heavy stock and are suitable for framing. We have seen all three mounted side-by-side in a single frame. It was mighty impressive!

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John Majak Print

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