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Learn from a furbuyer and his right-hand man. They will explain how to handle your fur from the time you take it out of the trap until you hand it over to the buyer. Learn both the basics of fur handling, as well as the little tricks that will bring that extra $10 per pelt. Learn how to maximize the value of your pelt and minimize the defects.


Two general trapping schools are held each season. The Interior school is taught out of Fairbanks and is typically held the third weekend of October while the SouthCentral chapter is usually the following weekend in Chugiak. Course content includes how to trap interior Alaska's furbearers, preparation, techniques, fur handling, survival and a strong emphasis on trapping ethics and the law. Tuition includes overnight accommodations and meals.

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Our wolf trapping school is typically held in late January/early February. This school is a two-day, overnight event running from early Saturday morning till late Sunday afternoon. As of 2007, we have begun alternating locations for the class. In even-numbered years, the school will be held in the Interior. In odd-numbered years, it will be held in South-Central. Alaska's best wolf trappers are brought together to teach this class. Course instruction covers field gear, snares, traps, pelt handling, techniques including proven tricks-of-the-trade, and ethics. Tips and information, too numerous to detail, which are needed to ensure your becoming a successful wolf trapper. Tuition includes overnight accommodations and meals. For availability of schools conducted in bush locations please contact ATA for details.

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See also: ATA Wolf Trapping Manual & DVD


Our snare building school is a one-day event providing hands-on training in making snares. Students learn how to purchase supplies and build snares. Students build and keep some of each of the following types of snares: fox, beaver, and wolf. They also learn how to properly use snares including anchoring techniques and ethics. Tuition includes snare-building materials. Offered on an as demand warrants basis. Contact ATA for details. See also: Breakaway Wolf Snares.

Youth Beaver Trapping School


In collaboration with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, we offer a unique opportunity for youth to learn how to trap beaver. This school is typically run in February and March in locations close to and within Fairbanks. Students are usually grouped 5-6 per instructor and led through the process of locating lodges, trap and snare preparation, and pelt handling. Often, students are able to keep their finished pelts. This class is free and is space available based upon the number of available instructors. See also: Youth Beaver Trapping School poster.


See: Cabin Building Workshop.


As a service to the general public we also offer seminars on an as requested basis to help promote shared use of trails. We instruct users on how to determine if a trail is also a trapline, how to avoid accidental pet catches and how to safely release a pet that is accidentally caught. These seminars are free. See also: Sharing Alaska's Trails DVD.

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