Oral History Interviews:

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson needs little introduction to ATA members. He has been referred to as "The Patriarch of Alaska Trappers." Dean has earned this honor through his years of hard work and sucessful trapping.

In the interview, Dean describes his early years growing up in the village of Northway where he learned how to build snowshoes, skis, sleds, etc from Walter and Jimmy Northway. Dean also describes the hunting, fishing and trapping traditions which he learned from his father and other village elders.

The tape proceeds to Dean's most productive trapping years in the Copper River country. He describes the almost accidental way that he became a furbuyer, and how that occupation took him to many corners of Alaska.

Dean's high standards of integrity and concern for his fellow trappers can be felt throughout the interview. Every Alaska trapper will want to hear Dean's words straight from the heart.

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