Oral History Interviews:

Herman Ludwigsen

Herman Ludwigsen was born in Seattle. His family moved to Ketchikan when Herman was 9 years old. Herman's father was a commercial fisherman. The junior Ludwigsen was exposed to hunting, fishing and trapping from a young age. He also learned to fly as a teenager. These activities dominated his personal and professional life.

Herman became a commercial pilot. He flew for a variety of small and medium-sized operators during a 46-year career. These jobs allowed him to visit all regions of Alaska. He speaks fondly of areas ranging from the Innoko River in the Southwest to the Porcupine River in the Northeast to the North Slope to the marine environment of Southeast.

Throughout the interview, Ludwigsen shares many stories of his life in the outdoors. He describes wolf trapping, goat hunting, marten trapping, and moose hunting experiences in great detail.

Herman has fond memories of the many interesting characters that he has met as a result of his flying career and consumptive use activities. Trapping partners, military personnel, air passengers, game wardens and plane crash survivors all warrant special comments.

Now retired and living in Wrangell, Ludwigsen is enjoying "the good life" surrounded by his family. Herman has shared his love of the outdoors with his children and grand-children. He takes special pride in the enthusiastic approach that his grand-daughters have demonstrated toward hunting and fishing.

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