Oral History Interviews:

June Moore

June Moore grew up on a farm. Her father shared his love of hunting and fishing with the young girl. She also learned the meaning of hard work.

June married a military man who was soon transferred to Alaska. It was here that she found her life's calling. Moore became a licensed hunting guide. She pursued moose, mountain goat and polar bear from Cordova to Barrow.

The Moores purchased the Mentasta Lodge on the Tok Cut-Off. June speaks fondly of the Native villagers who became their friends and loyal clientele. Her primary hunting camp was located nearby. The area surrounding the camp provided the venue for some of Moore's favorite memories. She tells of getting chased by a grizzly bear, shooting moose on her way to the outhouse, and shooting a bear for a nervous client but convincing him that he had made the shot.

June shared many hunting adventures with friend and pilot Bill Ellis. She had the utmost faith in Ellis' flying ability and would "... fly anywhere with him." Moore describes a practical joke that she and Ellis' wife played on Bill.

She scoffs at the idea that butchering a moose might be too difficult for her.

June's hearty laugh and occasionally profane vocabulary make this an entertaining session for the listener.

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