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Dan Tempel

Place of Birth: Callicoon, New York

Occupation: Mechanic

Number years Served on BOD: 9

How did you get started trapping? My grandfather created a hunting club in the Catskill Mountains of New York. It was there that I would sit next to the fireplace and listen to all the hunting and trapping stories. The trapping stories interested me the most. I taught myself to catch muskrats and raccoons and eventually worked my way up to fox.

Special memories from early years of trapping?

  • Checking the 'line before school with my dog. It was always exciting when we caught a 'coon. The dog was as excited as I was, and he protected me.
  • First coyote.

Number of Years Trapping in Alaska: 17

Location(s) Trapped in Alaska: Middle Tanana River drainage including the Salcha and Chena Rivers.

Special Memories of Trapping in Alaska:

  • Getting caught in a blizzard and having to spend 2 nights under a spruce tree without a sleeping bag or tent.
  • Taking a friend out on his last trip to the 'line.

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