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JR Pederson

I grew up on a small farm in eastern North Dakota with dreams of Alaska. From the time I was old enough to read Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, and Fur Fish and Game, I was dreaming of come up to the Greatland for adventure. I trapped and hunted our farmland from a young age, chasing squirrels, rabbits, waterfowl and deer while trapping muskrats, racoons, skunks and red fox. Studied Wildlife Management at NDSU-Bottineau and 2 days after school was on a plane to Fairbanks in May of 1991. I lived on the Chatanika River for the first year up here and that was a big wake up call for this hayseed. Ended up working construction while trying to get on with ADF&G. The money and the travel was great so I stayed in construction. Worked 12 years with the Local 751 Ironworkers before joining the Local 302 Operating Engineers. I'd been blessed to meet some great outdoorsmen that were kind enough to take me along and teach me the ropes. This is something that can never be repaid. Pretty much most of my free time is spent in the field bowhunting, trapping, fishing, and taking wildlife photography. I got my assistant guides license in 1998 and followed up with my registered guide license. Have lived in Fairbanks since 1991 and guiding, hunting and work has allowed me to travel much of the state. I have run a trapline in the Alaska range for the last 5 years and is pretty much what I think about 24/7. This past summer I purchased the Alaskan #9 Trap Company and am now building them in my shop.

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