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Ross Beal

Age: 66

Place of Birth: Aitkin, Minnesota

Occupation: Retired

Number years Served on BOD: 2

Age When Started Trapping: 60

How did you get started trapping? After retiring in 1999, I needed new toys. One was a Skandic that spent more time in the shed than in the snow. I looked into trapping and read a lot of magazines on the topic. It seemed like a great way to get some use of the machine, enjoy the outdoors, and maybe put some fur on the wall, or maybe even a little extra change in my pocket. I tried to gather all the info I could, located an area to trap, joined ATA in 2003, and took all the classes offered.

Number of Years Trapping in Alaska: 9

Location(s) Trapped in Alaska: Interior

Special Memories of Trapping in Alaska: First lynx.

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