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I Know Heimo

$25.00 each

Heimo Korth is a legend amongst Alaskan trappers. Heimo has been living a (very) remote lifestyle for the past forty years. Heimo received ATA's Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year award in 2003, in recognition of his commitment and dedication to trapping. Heimo's sense of humor and engaging personality have won him friends near and far. Back in the 1980s, some of those friends created ball caps with the slogan "I Know Heimo," which brought smiles to the faces of many in the trapping community.

More recently, Heimo has become one of the featured cast members in the excellent reality TV show entitled "Last Alaskans." The program has brought widespread notoriety to our good friend Heimo. This seems like an appropriate time to resurrect the old slogan and share a smile with Heimo's new friends and admirers. Be the first kid on your block to wear one of our new "I Know Heimo" caps.

Green ATA Cap

$25.00 each

In our never-ending quest to keep our members on the cutting edge of the fashion world, we now offer the latest model of the famed ATA ball-cap. This unstructured cap provides the best of attractive styling and practical wear-ability. In addition, the color choice tells the world that trappers are participants in the "Green Movement.

Get one now to help support the good old ATA and share the message that you care.

new black ATA beanie

starNEW! ATA has added another item for your wardrobe. This new beanie is the one you want to have. $20.00 each

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