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TOP DOLLAR paid for the OLDEST & LARGEST MALE AK WOLF & WOLVERINE skulls this winter. Up to $125! NATURAL damage to teeth & skulls OK. Hides MUST be sealed first. Also buying wolverine skulls from average males ($75) and females ($60). Text or call after sealing hides. 907-322-7024
Full line of Alaska trapping supplies Store in Tok and online catalog at Bridger and Belisle traps snares and snare supplies wire and cable marten and wolverine boxes large selection of lure wing attractors stretchers and lots more! We buy wolf, wolverine and lynx skulls. We buy wolf and wolverine taxidermy fur or whole animal. We go around the triangle, Tok to Fairbanks to Palmer and back to Tok first Monday & Tuesday of every month to buy fur, sulls, seal fur, and deliver orders along the way. CITES fur sealing agent for ADF&G. 907-406-0135
Suz Custom Furrier is a 40-year-old independent Alaskan business that outfits all walks of life - from bushrats to college professors to fat-tire bicyclers. Suz is trained in pattern making and design, and creates well-made original and custom accessories using her fur or yours. Hats, ruffs, earmuffs, fur trimmed scarves/gloves, and more. 'Order now - OR - you can purchase her products at Alaska Feed Company, 1600 College Rd, Fairbanks, Alaska
Suz Kisken, (907)455-6643,
PO Box 82642 Fairbanks, AK, 99708
For the best selection of quality snares, traps, lures, baits, trapping books and videos, knives and other trapping accessories at great prices. Flat Rate Shipping on Books, Videos and Lures of $5.90 to Alaska. You'll experience fast and friendly service from our knowledgeable staff. Call 989-569-3480 or visit us on the World Wide Web at
Fine fur hats, mittens, earmuffs, headbands, teddy bears. Made from your fur or ours. We use fur patterns and methods passed down through the generations to create the most beautiful fur garments anywhere. Also for sale tanned pelts otter, beaver, coyote, fox and more. Phone 989-569-3482 or visit us at
Mark Knapp at Edge of the Arctic Trading Post at 1971 Fox Ave. in Fairbanks is buying moose and caribou antler, legal ancient walrus ivory, musk ox and sheep horn, mammoth ivory and teeth. Very good prices. Call or stop by, 907-452-7477,
Tanned furs (wolverine, wolf, beaver, including blacks, ranched/wild fox, otter, ermine, sable, lynx, coyote, mink, badger, bobcat, muskrat, raccoon, etc. BUCKSKIN, rawhide, snakeskins, sinew, feathers, antlers, beads, skulls, claws, shells, etc. Over 10,000 items. COMPLETE INTERNET CATALOG with pictures.
Wolf canines. Mature animals, may have small holes in root end. Extract, clean, store in mineral oil or baby oil. May cut off front of jaws and send embedded teeth (do not cut roots, cut off just in front of molars). #1 quality: up to $15 each, depending on size; chipped, worn, cracked teeth at value. WOLVERINE CANINES: $10 TOPS. WOLF/WOLVERINE SKULLS, adult animals, good teeth, #1 quality only. $75 TOPS; baculum, larger sizes $5. Lynx skulls, larger sizes only, $10. FEET: Adults with claws, sets of four: Wolf $40/set, wolverine $40/set, lynx $10/set. Send trapping license number. MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843. PH 208-882-0601
Life-size pelts. Must have ears turned, lips/eye-lids split, etc. Can be salted and dried. #1 quality only. No hip rubs, poor bellies, etc. No head shots. RED, SILVER, CROSS, ARCTIC FOX, up to $100. Larger size male MARTEN up to $100. LYNX up to $200. HOARY MARMOT $50 (must have good fur, no shedders) AK life-time member #16. Send license number, AFG Shipping tag. MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843. PH 208-882-0601
Serving Trappers since 1924. The best Fox, Bobcat, Mink, Coyote, RAccoon, Wesasel, Muskrat, Beaver and Otter Lures and Baits available. Free shipping to Alaska Orders over $40.00. 4 oz. Lures $20 and 1 oz. $6.50. Lenon Lures LLC, 231 S. Court, Turner, MI 48765. Phone 989-876-2646,
Tanned furs for sewing or wall hangings, wolf, wolverine, lynx, etc., Warn Model 8274 winch, 50 leg hold traps, various sizes mostly #4's, older model Tundra snowmachines, engines good and one has a new long track. Call or text Dave at 907-322-4973
73 years of accumulated traps and related equipment. Some antiques. Proved your email address to receive multi-page list and photos to Keith Bayha at
Will consider negotiated price on substantial orders and alternatives for saving on shipping costs.

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