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Mark Knapp at Edge of the Arctic Trading Post at 1971 Fox Avenue in Fairbanks is buying moose and caribou antler, legal ancient walrus ivory, musk ox and sheep horn, mammoth ivory and teeth. Very good prices. Stop by or call 907-452-7477. Email:
Military surplus and more....
The Remnant Room is located in the Interior of Alaska and we know how to stay warm!
Stop in our store or shop online and we will ship to your location.
Suz Custom Furrier, an independent Alaskan business, manufacturing serviceable, well-made fur accessories for over 25 years. Traditional and original designs using your fur or mine. Hats, ruffs, mitts, earmuffs, and more.
Suz Kisken, PO Box 82642, Fairbanks, AK 99708, (907)455-6643
WANTED: Tanned furs
Wolverine, wolf, beaver, including blacks, ranched/wild fox, otter, ermine, sable, lynx, coyote, mink, badger, bobcat, muskrat, raccoon, etc. BUCKSKIN, rawhide, snakeskins, sinew, feathers, antlers, beads, skulls, claws, shells, etc. Over 10,000 items. COMPLETE INTERNET CATALOG (pictures).
WANTED: Life-size pelts.
Must have ears turned, lips/eye-lids, etc. Can be salted and dried. #1 quality only. No hip rubs, poor bellies, etc. No head shots. LYNX: All sizes, up to $200. RED, SILVER, CROSS, ARCTIC FOX, up to $100. Larger size male MARTEN up to $75. Ak life-time member #16. Send license number, AFG Shipping tag.
MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, ID 83843. PH 208-882-0601.
Buying: Wolf Canines
Mature animals, may have small holes in root end. Extract, clean, store in mineral oil or baby oil. May cut off front of jaws and send embedded teeth (do not cut roots, cut off just in front of molars). #1 quality: up to $15 each depending upon size; chipped, worn, cracked teeth at value. Send trapping license number. WOLF/WOLVERINE SKULLS, adult animals, good teeth, #1 quality only. WOLF: $75; WOLVERINE: $75. Lynx larger sizes only, $15.
MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, ID 83843
Wilbur Bros. Sheet Metal
Heating, Ventilation, A. Roy Wilbur, 1241 Noble Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701, (907)452-3838
Thompson Snares
Thad & Nancy Davis - Owners, 37637 Nutmeg Street, Anabel, MO 53431, Phone: 888-501-3782 - Fax: 660-699-2299, website:, email: Visit our website for our complete product listing & prices. Call us for a FREE supply catalog. Take a kid trapping, hunting or fishing and share our heritage and our passion!
Northern Sled Works
Finally, a custom sled designed for Trappers. Introducing the new Cross Fox line of sleds. Call for more information. David A. Doudna, PO Box 61171, Fairbanks, AK 99706, (907) 479-8599 - phone, (907) 479-8585 - fax,

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