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Monthly General Membership Meeting

1st Tuesday of each month, October through March

ATA Monthly Membership Meeting

General Trapping School


After much consideration a decision has been made concerning the General Trapping School held each year in October. With all the safety measures that would have to be put in place to protect everyone in today's Covid environment and unless something dramatic happens in the near future, we will not be holding the class this year.

2020 ATA Fling


Over the past few days, the ATA Board of Directors has monitored the situation surrounding coronavirus in our state and nation. With the health of our state first and foremost in our minds, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Trappers Fling this year.

Everyone who purchased a ticket in advance will receive a refund. We will be working on this step over the coming weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by calling our message phone (907) 457-1774 or emailing us at

Thank you for supporting ATA and helping to protect our Alaskan heritage.

2020 ATA Fur Auction


It is with a sad heart that I bring this to you. With the current events happening around the state and around the world, we have decided to cancel the annual ATA Fur Auction at the Open North American Championship dog races next weekend. The Alaska Dog Mushers Association is actively discouraging the public from attending the event and that will put a big damper on our event as well. The fur auction and The Fling are ATA's biggest money makers of the year. Cancellation of these events will hurt our organization financially. In addition, I feel sorry for the trappers who depend on this auction to sell their furs, hides and antlers. I am also very sorry for our faithful local fur and antler buyers who purchase furs and antlers from our members year after year supporting the ATA. We have discussed organizing a small gathering to allow the buyers to purchase the furs for the minimums. While this would sell some furs, I don't feel this would be fair to the trappers to get the most for their catch. An on-line auction was proposed as well, but something of that nature just doesn't happen over night. We will look at future options and keep you all informed. Trappers have dealt with trials and tribulations for as long as we've been around and will continue to overcome these bumps as long as we stick together.

JR Pederson
Fur Auction Chairman

Monthly SCCATA Membership Meeting

2nd Tuesday of each month, October through April

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