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In the Land of WildernessNEW!
In the Land of Wilderness

Marty Meierotto's powerful new book is out! 320 pages of non-stop action from the trapline. From the forward by Randy Zarnke: "So....what about this book? You're going to like it. Marty has an engaging writing style, which is easy to read. Between these covers, he has given you lots of solid advice and great insight into the workings of the natural world. He's also shared plenty of that sense of humor which is unique to him and him alone. There are also a few chapters that deal with very serious, life-and-death issues. He deals with them straight on, just as you would expect. By the time you get to the end, you will know this unique character at least a little better than you do now.

Price: $19.95 each

In the Land of Wilderness

ATA Trapline SignNEW!
ATA Trapline Sign-Special UV Laminated Trapline signs on 65# Bright Pink Cover stock

These signs have been coated with a UV safe lamination that has proven to be superior for use on fully exposed areas in extreme cold conditions. For members of Alaska Trappers Association.

Price: $5.00 each

ATA Trapline Sign

Vanished Bear Trails, Stories of Hunting Bears on Kodiak Island from the early 1950s to 2005
Vanished Bear Trails, Stories of Hunting Bears on Kodiak Island from the early 1950s to 2005
by Darrell Farmen

"The giant brown bears found on Kodiak Island hold a fascination for both hunters and non-hunters. Many of us dream of spending time observing those magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Few men have spent more time or been more successful than Darrell Farmen. Farmen came to Kodiak in 1953 as a teenager to work as a packer for two of the most famous bear guides in history - Bill Pinnell and Morris Talifson. Farmen has spent the past few years writing about his experiences among the Kodiak bears.

The stories themselves are captivating, made even more so by the informal writing style that flows from Darrell in a natural manner. His honesty, integrity and sense of humor shine through to make good stories even better."

Price: $19.95

An Alaskan Adventure, A Story of Finding Gold in the Far North from 1893 - 1903 An Alaskan Adventure, A Story of Finding Gold in the Far North from 1893 - 1903
by Frederick James Currier

Forward by Randy Zarnke:

"Frederick James Currier was born on February 13, 1860 in Wisconsin. As a young man, he was always looking for adventure. In 1894, Currier went to Oregon to purchase an apple orchard. Instead, he met two miners who were about to depart on a trip to Alaska to seek gold. They invited Fred to accompany them. The orchard idea was forgotten."

Get the book to see what happened after that.

Price: $17.95

Stories of True Wild Alaska, Alaska Tracks Alaska Tracks, by Randy Zarnke
The next step in the long-term ATA oral history project has arrived. Read the life stories of the people who have hunted, fished and trapped throughout The Great Land.
Price: $19.95

Alaska Wolf Trapping Manual

ATA Wolf Trapping Manual
ATA Wolf Trapping DVD

After several years of development and production, the collective experience of Alaska's very best wolf trappers has been consolidated into a manual and DVD. The info contained in these teaching tools would take the average trapper an entire lifetime to learn. Now, you can learn both the basics and the 'secret' tricks of the trade. It's all available to you in this manual and DVD, to learn at your own speed. These two items do not duplicate each other. Rather, they were developed to complement each other. We recommend that they be purchased as a pair.

The manual includes 123 pages of firsthand practical information, including detailed drawings. The 34 minute long DVD supplements that material by clearly demonstrating the principles described in the manual at real-life settings on Alaskan traplines, for catching North America's largest and cagiest furbearer.

"The ... Manual is the 'Encyclopedia Alaskana' on wolf trapping... It explains in plain language and outstanding illustrations how this knowledge can be applied."
- Dick Bishop, retired game biologist and occasional trapper

"I am favorably impressed by your new video. Anyone who traps wolves could profit by the tips provided. The greatest value is ... the graphic examples of various wolf sets. My congratulations ... for this forward-thinking presentation."
- Jim Rearden, author of Alaska's Wolf Man and former member of the Alaska Board of Game

ATA Wolf Trapping Manual - $25.00
ATA Wolf Trapping DVD - $25.00
SPECIAL OFFER! Get Both the Manual and DVD - Only $40.00

Alaskans How to Handbook

Alaskans How to Handbook
The "How To" book is the brainchild of long-term ATA Editor Joe Dart. Joe wanted to preserve some of the skills necessary for life in The Bush. He interviewed the experts & put their thoughts into words & pictures which are easily understood. You can learn how to make snowshoes, a fish wheel, a dog sled and many other useful tools.

This book is fascinating reading even if you never plan to actually construct the items described. It also makes an excellent gift.$20.00

Alaska Trappers Manual

Alaska Trappers Manual

Writing and editing this manual was a joint effort between ATA and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. The Manual covers every aspect of trapping:

  • ethics
  • history of trapping in Alaska
  • preparation of traps & snares
  • details of making sets for each furbearer species
  • preparing pelts after the catch

Knowledge gained from this Manual will put fur on your stretcher.
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