Brown bear, Sitka, Alaska

ATA History

The following narrative is part of a longer document by Pete Buist, which describes the important events in the history of the Alaska Trappers Association. It will appear here in regular installments. The entire document is available in book form (complete with photos and sketches) for $15.

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While preparing the project above, we found two articles written by former editor Joe Dart (one in 1990, the other in 1994). We present those two previous articles below. Hopefully, you will enjoy these two slices of ATA history.

In addition, we hope that they will whet your appetite for the updated version written by former president Pete Buist and described above.

We have also provided a year-by-year listing of our officers and members of our Board of Directors from our inception in 1973 to 2007.

History of the ATA up till May 1990 - click hereHistory of the ATA up till May 1990

History of the ATA Updated September 1994 - click hereHistory of the ATA updated September 1994

Historic listing of officers and board of directors - click hereHistoric listing of officers and Board of Directors

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