Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year Award

The Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year award is the highest honor bestowed by the Alaska Trappers Association. It is named after the first President of the ATA.

Fabian had a variety of talents. He appreciated classical music and opera. He was comfortable in a lecture hall; either listening or speaking. He was an accomplished heavy equipment operator and construction worker. However, he never lost his love of the woods and its animals. Fabian was one of the organizers of the Interior Alaska Trappers Association (the "Interior" designation was later dropped).

Miki and Julie Collins, 2014 Trapper of the Year

Miki & Julie Collins
2014 Trapper of the Year

Fabian was a statesman and leader in support of trappers. As a personal friend of many state and national leaders, he never missed an opportunity to influence legislation in favor of the trapper and his conservation efforts. Wherever Fabian traveled, he tried to educate and enlighten people regarding the trapper's dynamic role in wildlife management. To create more interest in trapping, Fabian persuaded other trappers (many of whom were independent by nature) to share their "secrets" and help novice trappers become more proficient.

Fabian trapped for many years in the vicinity of Lake Minchumina. He was considered by many fellow trappers to be one of the greatest trappers in Alaska history. Fabian Carey passed away in the autumn of 1975. This award is given to honor his memory and in recognition of his dedication to trapping.

It is not necessary to put a huge amount of fur on the stretchers in order to qualify for this award. Past recipients have included both dyed-in-the-wool trappers who spend more time in the woods than they do in town and leaders of ATA who contribute through their organizational abilities. Any member who furthers the cause of trappers and trapping can be considered a legitimate candidate.

Each year, we notify members of the criteria and deadline for nomination via our monthly magazine. We encourage everyone to nominate deserving candidates so that they may receive the honor that they have earned. Perhaps more important, we encourage members to work hard on behalf of ATA. One day, you too may receive this award named after our first President.

Previous recipients (click on one of the names in bold for more information):

Honorary Don Young
1978 Robert Dick
1979 Ted Washelewski
1980 Elaine Long
1981 Norm Phillips
1982 John Burns
1983 Ken Fanning
1984 Frank Bifoss
1985 Dean Wilson
1986 Jim Greiner
1987 Gator Meyer
1988 Sidney Huntington
1989 Terry Johnson
1990 Percy Duyck
1991 John Majak
1992 Shorty Wilbur
1993 Richard Henderson
1994 Al Jones
1995 Fronzie and Bill Straub
1996 Randy Zarnke
1997 Ron Long
1998 Ben Hopson
1999 Pete Buist
2000 Steve Potter and Jim Walters
2001 Marty Meierotto
2002 Jim Masek
2003 Heimo Korth
2004 Mark Knapp
2005 Brian Latham
2006 Steve Davila
2007 Martin Weiner
2008 Paul Kirsteatter
2009 LeRoy Shank
2010 Ken Deardorff
2011 Mark Schlenker
2012 David Bruss
2013 Larry Voorhees
2014 Miki & Julie Collins
2015 Dan Tempel
2016 Jaimie Kassman
2017 Mike & Fran Turner
2018 Dick Fuelling
2019 Danny Grangaard
2020 Lynn Keogh, Sr. and Lynn Keogh, Jr.
2021 Wendy Shiffler

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