1983 Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year

Ken Fanning

Ken Fanning came to Alaska from Colorado in the early 1970's. Serving as one of the first fishing outfitters in the Interior, Ken's, "Let's Go Fishin", sign on his old copper-colored Blazer was a mainstay in Fairbanks for many years.

A founding member of ATA, Ken served on the Board of Directors early on. He also started the first trapping classes in the community schools program at the University of Alaska.

Ken ran a successful taxidermy receiving station for HeadsWest Taxidermy out of Denver, from a tiny office under the stairwell in what is now Frontier Outfitters in the Gavora Mall.

Ken trapped first on the Tanana Flats. He later moved to Minto Flats, and based out of his cabin on the Chatanika River. He was known for flagging down the ARR train as it traversed Minto Flats in the Dunbar area, and slinging unskinned beaver carcasses on board so he would not have to lug them up the hill to Murphy Dome!

Ken was the moving force behind the REAL Alaska Coalition, a political group formed to fight the battles brought on by the Carter "national monument withdrawals" and the D-2 lands issue. Perhaps lured by the political contacts he made in this context, Ken went on to become an Alaska State legislator, representing the Interior first in the House and later in the Senate, as a member of the Libertarian Party.

Ken is a registered guide with sheep camps in the Alaska Range and a bear hunting and fishing operation atYakutat. He lives in Yakutat and is the owner of the Yakutat Lodge.

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