1999 Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year

Pete Buist

Pete came to Fairbanks with the Army in 1972 and served at Ft. Wainwright. While stationed there, Pete began trapping on the Tanana Flats.

He was among the first trappers to meet and hatch the idea of an [Interior] Alaska Trappers Association. He was first appointed to the ATA Board of Directors in 1975, to replace ATA Founding Father Fabian Carey.

Pete worked for the Alaska Dept of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry for just over 30 years, retiring from that job in 2004. While at DNR, Pete was instrumental in developing regulations pertaining to the construction of trapping cabins.

In 1998 he served as co-chair of the Coalition for the Alaskan Way of Life, the political group formed to fight the Wolf Snaring Ban ballot initiative. Trappers prevailed in this battle, winning the popular vote, 64-36%, the first victory for consumptive users ever gained in an Alaska ballot initiative vote.

Pete served, on and off, as President of the ATA from 1978 until 2000. He served on the Alaska Board of Game from 2003-2005, appointed by Governor Murkowski.

He holds Alaska Master Guide license #79.

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