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ATA Book Bundle

Alaska Trappers is offering a 6-book bundle for $99.00 plus $8.60 shipping.

This 6-book bundle includes:

  • In the Land of Wilderness
  • Vanished Bear Trails
  • 49 Years in the 49th State
  • Me Caribou is on Fire
  • An Alaskan Adventure
  • Alaska Tracks

A 6-book bundle sold by ATA at a great savings! Great for gifts or just to get the whole ATA library all together for a great price. Buy the bundle and save $15.70 off the cover price.

Sharing Alaska's Trails Workshop

Sharing Alaska's Trails WorkshopClick on image to enlarge

This free and informative workshop is designed to help all trail users recognize if you have entered a trapline area, and how to identify and operate traps and snares.

Location: Dog Mushers Hall, 925 Farmers Loop Road, Fairbanks

Date: December 14, 2023

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Free class, No registration required.

2024 ATA Fur Handling Workshop

2024 ATA Fur Handling WorkshopClick on image to enlarge

Learn to handle your fur from some of the best in the business here in the Interior and get more for your efforts at auction with a pelt that demands more money for your trapping efforts.

The registration cost is $75.00. Lunch is included.

Location: F&G Hunter Education Shooting Range, 1500 College Road Fairbanks, Alaska

Date: January 20, 2024

Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm

Register by calling the ATA message phone 907-457-1774 or online.

Online Registration:

2024 ATA Fur Handling Workshop:

2024 ATA Snare Making Workshop

2024 ATA Snare Making WorkshopClick on image to enlarge

All instruction needed to make your own snares. You’ll go home with snares you have made.

The registration cost is $75.00. Lunch is included.

Location: F&G Hunter Education Shooting Range, 1500 College Road Fairbanks, Alaska

Date: January 27, 2024

Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm

Class size is limited to 15 persons.

Register by calling the ATA message phone 907-457-1774 or online.

Online Registration:

2024 ATA Snare Making Workshop:

Alaska Super 7 Big Game Raffle

Alaska Super 7 Big Game RaffleClick on image to enlarge 

Win the best big game hunt permits in Alaska!

NEW Hunter's Choice permits for four species!

Buy your tickets: From November 15, 2023 to April 22, 2024

Drawing: Winners Announced at Noon, May 3, 2024

For additional information, contact Justin at 907-457-1774.

To purchase, click on link:
Online Ticket Purchase

Alaska Trappers HandbookNEW ISSUE!
The Alaska Trappers Handbook

Author: Dean Willson, Jr.

An Alaskan Classic back in print after many years! The Alaska Trappers Handbook is a collection of the knowledge and experiences of an Alaskan trapper. Like most trappers, you have probably read many good trapping handbooks, but there has never been one written about trapping in snow under Alaskan conditions. Although this book is written for trappers, it covers such a wide variety of subjects, it will be used and appreciated by any serious outdoorsman. The author, Dean Wilson, was a trapper, fur buyer, outdoorsman and survivor in Alaska for many years.

96 pages with photos and illustrations, price: $14.00 each

49 Years in the 49th State 49 Years in the 49th State

I've known Pat Valkenburg for most of the 49 years he writes about in this book. We both worked for the Wildlife Division within the Alaska Department of Fish & Game during much of that time. Looking back, those were the "Golden Years" at ADF&G. We had some of the best wildlife biologists in the world on our staff. It was almost like being on an All-Star team. Pat fit right in.

When Pat is hot on the trail of a new adventure, he gives little thought to creature comforts. Unlike many of his peers, Pat is not discouraged by bad weather, failed equipment, hunger or fatigue. He's willing to eat leaves and sleep on a rock if it means he will have fun and/or learn something new.

Pat's book contains the best of personal adventure, hunting and trapping, wildlife biology, aviation and a curious mind. It's all presented in an easy-reading style. The pacing is fast. There is a new adventure every few pages, and you will come to the end before you are ready to be done.

~~Excerpts from the forward by Randy Zarnke.

320 pages, paperback 1st edition, Price: $19.95 each

ATA Legal Defense Fund Patch ATA Legal Defense Fund

We know that the anti-trapping crowd are out to shut us all down. The LDF will help to protect and preserve our trapping privileges, but we need your help! Money donated to the ATA Legal Defense Fund will be used to support our lobbyist in Juneau and attorney fees for any legal actions undertaken by ATA.

Donations of $100 or more will receive an embroidered patch for your coat or hat.

In the Land of WildernessNEW!
In the Land of Wilderness

Marty Meierotto's powerful new book is out! 320 pages of non-stop action from the trapline. From the foreword by Randy Zarnke: "So....what about this book? You're going to like it. Marty has an engaging writing style, which is easy to read. Between these covers, he has given you lots of solid advice and great insight into the workings of the natural world. He's also shared plenty of that sense of humor which is unique to him and him alone. There are also a few chapters that deal with very serious, life-and-death issues. He deals with them straight on, just as you would expect. By the time you get to the end, you will know this unique character at least a little better than you do now.

Price: $19.95 each

In the Land of Wilderness

Vanished Bear Trails, Stories of Hunting Bears on Kodiak Island from the early 1950s to 2005
Vanished Bear Trails, Stories of Hunting Bears on Kodiak Island from the early 1950s to 2005
by Darrell Farmen

"The giant brown bears found on Kodiak Island hold a fascination for both hunters and non-hunters. Many of us dream of spending time observing those magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Few men have spent more time or been more successful than Darrell Farmen. Farmen came to Kodiak in 1953 as a teenager to work as a packer for two of the most famous bear guides in history - Bill Pinnell and Morris Talifson. Farmen has spent the past few years writing about his experiences among the Kodiak bears.

The stories themselves are captivating, made even more so by the informal writing style that flows from Darrell in a natural manner. His honesty, integrity and sense of humor shine through to make good stories even better."

Price: $19.95

An Alaskan Adventure, A Story of Finding Gold in the Far North from 1893 - 1903
An Alaskan Adventure, A Story of Finding Gold in the Far North from 1893 - 1903
by Frederick James Currier

Foreword by Randy Zarnke:

"Frederick James Currier was born on February 13, 1860 in Wisconsin. As a young man, he was always looking for adventure. In 1894, Currier went to Oregon to purchase an apple orchard. Instead, he met two miners who were about to depart on a trip to Alaska to seek gold. They invited Fred to accompany them. The orchard idea was forgotten."

Get the book to see what happened after that.

Price: $17.95

Alaska Trappers Association Attorney

Alaska Trappers Association supports furbearer research

Check out our My Alaska videos!

I Know Heimo

$25.00 each

Heimo Korth is a legend amongst Alaskan trappers. Heimo has been living a (very) remote lifestyle for the past forty years. Heimo received ATA's Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year award in 2003, in recognition of his commitment and dedication to trapping. Heimo's sense of humor and engaging personality have won him friends near and far. Back in the 1980s, some of those friends created ball caps with the slogan "I Know Heimo," which brought smiles to the faces of many in the trapping community.

More recently, Heimo has become one of the featured cast members in the excellent reality TV show entitled "Last Alaskans." The program has brought widespread notoriety to our good friend Heimo. This seems like an appropriate time to resurrect the old slogan and share a smile with Heimo's new friends and admirers. Be the first kid on your block to wear one of our new "I Know Heimo" caps.

Watch this wonderful new 2-minute video about the North American fur trade produced by our friends at And be sure to visit their website and blog!

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Music & Mascot

For the past few years, a few of us have considered the idea of having an ATA "theme song". We investigated a few options. The best alternative involved creative Fairbanks genius Craig Compeau. Craig has been using well-known melodies and modifying the lyrics to fit his views. Many of the resulting songs are humorous criticisms of government. Others focus on life in Alaska. Everyone can agree that they are well done.

ATA Director Dan Tempel heard a song that he liked and realized that the lyrics could be modified to tell a great story about Alaska trappers. We asked Craig if he could work his magic. Craig enlisted the aid of local singer Roger McGill. You can hear the result by clicking on the button below. We hope you like it.

If you want to download the song, go to Craig's website:

Meet our mascot, Ben Wood. But we just call him Woody.

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